How Long Does It Take for a Gun to Rust?

A gun is one of the most expensive purchases you can make, and the last thing you want to do is let it sit around and rust. Rust will destroy your gun as it not only damages the exterior but will also corrode the interior. But how long does it take for a gun to rust?

The time it takes for a gun to rust depends on the metal’s type and thickness. For example, steel guns can rust in as little as five days, but stainless-steel guns can take three months before they show signs of rust.

Gun rust is one of the biggest problems for any gun owner. Over time, a gun will start showing signs of rust and corrosion. To prevent this from happening, you need to ensure that your gun is properly maintained.

When considering whether to invest in a gun cabinet versus other storage methods, an important consideration is how long the gun will stay protected from elements like rust. With the information below, you can get to know me better.

What Causes Rust on Guns?

Many metallic objects tend to rust within a short period. That doesn’t exclude guns. Here, various factors do contribute to rusts on guns. While some rusts can be mild allowing you to get rid of it quickly, others could accumulate in the gun affecting its performance. Still, you need to identify the factors contributing to this issue and learn about how to control or manage it. Without going further, here are two contributing factors that cause rust on your guns.

What Causes Rust on Guns


Humidity remains one of the biggest contributors to rusts on guns. Since moisture makes iron oxidize, your guns become susceptible to rust within a short time. As a result, placing your guns in storage space, closets, basements, or other places with little or no ventilation allows humidity to build up and ultimately causes guns to rust. Besides, the littlest amount of water that comes in contact with your guns contributes to rust. Since water is liquid, it could create a damp effect that builds up humidity if not cleaned properly.

Human Contact

Human contact is also another contributing factor to rusts on guns. Since the human hands often leave moist on an object due to the fingertips, these moist can eventually accumulate and cause rusts if it is not wiped away.

How Long Does It Take for a Gun to Rust?

Guns are metallic objects that are susceptible to moisture. As a result, rust can develop in guns the moment a gun comes in contact with moisture and isn’t wiped away after a few days.

How Long Does It Take for a Gun to Rust

How to Prevent Rust on Guns?

Every firearm deserves to remain intact and provide a quality service. As a hunter shooter, you don’t want your precious metallic object damaged when you need it at the right time. Hence, you need to follow some precautions that will keep the rust off your guns and maximize it to their full potential. Here are some preventive tips that can guide you to keeping your guns in good condition.

How to Prevent Rust on Guns

1. Keep Away from Humid Areas

Rust occurs through humidity when moisture comes in contact with your gun. However, various preventive tips can stop this from happening. First, do not store your guns in any place that is prone to having moistures. For instance, rooms such as bathrooms or kitchens are not ideal places for storing guns. Instead, you can store your guns in a cool and dry place such as a well-ventilated basement or closet.  Also, you can get a dehumidifier in the room where you store your guns.

With a dehumidifier, you can maintain a balance and regulate the temperature of the room. Furthermore, you can get a closet that utilizes desiccants such as silica gel to absorb the extra moisture in the storage. They are pretty affordable and can store even the smallest gun models. Besides, they are simple to use and even work without power or batteries. Once the silica is saturated, you can recharge it by plugging it in for a day or a two before you hang it back in your closet.

Or you can get two of these products to ensure your closet has the desiccant at all times. When one is recharging, the other which is active can absorb moisture in your closets, thereby preventing rusts.

2. Avoid Bad Weather

Exposing your guns to varying weather conditions such as rain or snow can hasten the development of rusts and allow them to tarnish. However, if you are outdoors when it begins to rain, try to keep your gun in a covered area. If you are unable to find shelter or a covered area in this scenario, ensure your gun is thoroughly dried and clean properly to maintain its functionality and keep the rust away.

3. Cleaning your Gun

Cleaning your gun is essential as it helps to maintain its functionality. To do this, you can start by taking your guns apart. Remove the ammo, the burnt gunpowder, or any sort of debris that may have built up in your gun. Then, you can apply some oil and use a set of brushes to dust off the settled debris. Then, use a rag to wipe off the scrubbed area and keep it clean. Ensure that you use the rag to wipe off any moisture that must develop in the gun.

Cleaning your Gun

4. Use an Anti-Rust Spray

After cleaning, you can apply a high-quality anti-rust spray lightly to your gun. It keeps the rust off your gun and makes it intact. However, you should avoid some anti-rust spray that contains high VOCs or utilize animal by-products. These types of spray only damage your wood gunstock or attract insects through their powerful smell.

Anti-Rust Spray


Guns are precious metallic objects that should be available to you anytime you need them. Hence, you should always keep the mechanical device in a place that is off-limits to moisture. Implement the above-mentioned preventive tips to keep the rust off your guns.

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