What is Doesitrust?

Hello, dear readers. Welcome to Doesitrust!

It’s a place where you find tips and tricks from experts who know the way out, from avoiding rust to getting rid of it effortlessly. The site is operated by expert people who have extensive knowledge about eliminating rust.

Most of our team members become experienced in rust elimination through practical work. Our team is full of a variety of expert people; we have chemical engineers, mechanical engineers, workshop workers, and many more.

Therefore, all the information you get from them will help you find the ideal products to eliminate rust and guide you to stay out of rust in the first place.

Who We Are?

Evan Cooper

Evan Cooper is the founder and an editor of this site, Doesitrust. After completing his bachelor’s degree in chemical engineering, he started working for a paint manufacturing company.

Besides this profession,  his other identity is as a research writer and blogger. He loves to research different topics that he’s working on and share his knowledge with the people looking for the same particular information.

While working on the paint manufacturing company, he did a lot of surveys on the suppliers, dealers, and consumers. Through the survey, he found one thing that most people are unaware of rust, and the majority of them don’t know how to get rid of it.

That’s what motivates Evan to research on this matter, and he creates this site Doesitrust to share his research findings with the people who need this information.

Bruce M. Lee

Bruce is the editorial chief of this site. He’s a mechanical engineer and runs a steel tools manufacturing and repairing workshop. Bruce is a childhood friend of Evan, and they both completed their graduation from the same university.

After creating this site, Doesitrust, Evan asked him to join us, and he accepted the proposal. We hire him because of his expert knowledge in removing rust from steel and other tools. As he continuously works in his workshop with different types of machinery, old to new, dealing with rust is a very common thing for him.

Now, here on the Doesitrust site, he’s sharing his experience with us and leading our research and investigation team to conduct their survey.

Glenn N. Harmon

Glenn is the writer in-charge of our site Doesitrust. Before joining our team, he worked for many writing agencies and magazine firms as a creative writer. Writing is his passion more than his profession.

Its been almost 15 years that he has been in this field. We hire him just because of his expertise knowledge in writing. He can explain everything simply and more efficiently with his magical communication skill.

Our Review Process

Every single piece of information and the product review you find on this site results from in-depth research by our expert team. We follow a standard and well-organized process for product reviews.

First, we design a diagram of our working process such as product investigation, features identification, product selection, review analysis, product ranking, review writing, and preparing buying guide.

After designing the working schedule, we divided our team members into several groups based on their skill and expertise and assigned them to the task.

Once all the tasks are assigned to the team members, they start working on their specific field. The investigation team completed the product analysis and market research task and forwarded the data to the expert team.

Expert teams study the collected data and select products for review that fulfill all the features and requirements. We mainly focus on the product that its consumers highly accept during our product selection. Once our expert team lists all the products for review, we start analyzing them and read a depth review of them by their original buyers.

After analyzing those products and their reviews, we forward our findings to the writing team to write an in-detail review with complete buying guidelines.


In our product review process, fact-checking is one of the most essential tasks. Without completing this step, none of the product reviews is completed. Through fact-checking, we make sure there is no misleading and wrong information.

Before delivering any information, our editorial team makes sure that all the information is correct and errorless. As long as you’re keeping your faith in us, we’re not going to break that.

Editorial Guidelines

Your trust and love are two core things that we are working hard to achieve that. Each of our team members is committed to giving their best to earn your trust. For making product review, we have strict editorial guidelines.

All the content you find on this site, Doesitrust, is through research and investigation. We always make sure that our content is focused on its topic, easy to understand, and free from error.