Does Hammerite Stop Rust?

With lots of proven and unproven ways of stopping rust out there online, one is likely to add to his/her problem when searching for ways to stop rust. After several research, we came across Hammerite, and the first question we asked was, does Hammerite stop rust?

Yes, Hammerite stops rust by forming a tough barrier that bonds to rusty metal and encapsulates it against moisture and the environment. The paint film prevents water and oxygen from reaching the metal surface, ensuring maximum protection.

It is highly effective in keeping rust off metalwork, and it is guaranteed to do so. Hammerite is a primer, mid-coat, and topcoat all in one. It is efficient at stopping rust and protecting metal inside and out. It is perfect for a wide range of indoor and outdoor uses, from car to garden furniture, gates, railings, radiators, pipes, and more.

Below you can find out more about stopping rust and how to do it with Hammerite products.

What is Hammerite?

Hammerite is a substance used to protect metals from rust. It is also used to treat rusted surfaces. It has zinc phosphate as its active ingredient.

Whether steel, galvanized/zinc metals, or iron, metals can last for many years if adequately treated. But the truth is that all metals are vulnerable to some physical/natural conditions such as moisture, frost, sunlight, frost, and physical damage.

What is Hammerite

Therefore, all-metal substances need frequent protection for them to stay strong. Hammerite paint is made of glass flakes and proprietary resins to create a moisture-proof seal.

The beautiful thing about Hammerite is that it can be used as sole protection without using an undercoat or a primer because of its solid adhesive feature and optimized viscous properties.

Hammerite has two products. One prevents rust, while the other is used as a restoration paint. The Hammerite paint is specifically designed for use on both bare and rusted metals. The primary feature of the Hammerite paint is that it combines glass flakes and proprietary resins to form a seal that is resistant to moisture.

Why Use Hammerite To Combat Rust?

Since a significant percentage of our household and industrial equipment are made of metal, we must care for these metals using the best substances. For over two decades, Hammerite has mastered the art of protecting metals from rust. Below are some reasons you may want to consider Hammerite for your metals.

Why Use Hammerite To Combat Rust

Long lasting Protection

Hammerite offers long-lasting protection against rust. When used on surfaces, they improve the appearance of the object. Aside from protecting your metals from rust, Hammerite also provides long-lasting protection from rain damage and damage to UV


Hammerite products are overly durable. They can offer up to 8-year protection against rust. Hammerite forms a formidable barrier on metal objects that helps shed the thing from moisture

Dries fast

Hammerite typically dries fast when applied to a metal, and they are also time and cost-effective. They have excellent wetting properties.

Cons of Hammerite

The disadvantage of using Hammerite is that it contains some xylene and petroleum distillates, which can emit a harmful vapor that is harmful to the health if inhaled. These vapors can trigger irritating sensations on the victim’s skin, throat, nose, and eyes.

Suppose an individual deliberately inhales the fumes of Hammerite paint. In that case, such a person is at risk of nervous system damage, permanent brain damage, mucous membrane, adverse effects on the kidneys, and in most cases, it could result in loss of life.

More so, the vapor emitted from Hammerite paints is also combustible. Therefore it is kept far away from open flame. They can also cause dizziness or drowsiness. Repeated exposure to Hammerite can lead to dryness or cracking of the skin, and if Hammerite is swallowed, it could damage the lungs.

Where Can I Use Hammerite?

Rust and corrosion can leave dirty/brown spots and also cause harm to metal surfaces. But with Hammerite, you can quickly get rid of corrosion and revive your metal item. Hammerite products are ideal for all kinds of metals such as pots, railings, bolts and nuts, automotive parts, and garden tools and furniture. In some cases, hammerites are used on wooden and ceramic surfaces in balconies.

Where Can I Use Hammerite

Hammerite can be applied on ferrous and non-ferrous metal items. They are also suitable for things made from aluminium, bare zinc, or galvanized metals. Once Hammerite is used, it quickly forms a complex film that is difficult to penetrate.

In addition, the Hammerite paint is also suitable for bicycles, lawn furniture, outdoor and indoor equipment, and metal-like children’s toy.

How To Use Hammerite

To apply Hammerite, first, you have to prepare the surface of the metal properly. You can do this by removing rust by scraping out dirt, loose paint, and rust from the metal with at least 80-grit sandpaper. All you have to do is immerse the affected (rusty) item into the dip, and in a few hours, the item will be fully restored and rust-free.

Uses of Hammarite

  • Hammerite products are used for decoration
  • They are used for the restoration of any metal
  • Hammerite are mainly used as protection against rust on the body of metals

Why Should You Take Care Of Your Metals?

Neglecting metals is just like pilling up trouble and cost for yourself in the future. That is why you need to take care of them to keep looking good and last for more extended periods. Metals are prone to rust because rust is permeable to water and rust. Therefore, metals will continue to rust, and to prevent this, and you will need a coating that impedes rust formation.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a safe and effective way to get rid of rust from metal items, then Hammerite is the best choice for you. Although Hammerite does not require an undercoat because it is a self-priming substance. However, if you are going to apply Hammerite on galvanized metals and surfaces or bare aluminum, you may need to prime the metal before applying Hammerite to them.

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