How Much Does it Cost for Rustproofing?

Rust and corrosion protection significantly extend the life of your vehicle. Without these coatings, you can expect small rust spots to appear on panels in your car’s first few years. Rustproofing works as a long-term way to preserve your vehicle and therefore keep its value high. However, how much does it cost for rustproofing?

The cost of rustproofing varies from $100 to $600. It depends on what type of rustproofing you want and the make and model of your car. Anyone who owns a vehicle knows how costly rust repair and prevention can be.

However, it is a good thing to do. Your vehicle can only last a long time when you take good care of it. However, rustproofing is necessary for people who live in certain parts of the country. Not only will this help keep your car or truck in shape and looking good, but it also adds value when you go to trade it in or sell it.

How Does Rust Proofing Work?

Car dealers usually recommend that their customers protect their vehicles from imminent rust by presenting them with an efficient rustproofing method. This method is achieved by using an electronic device to send a little charge or current of electricity throughout the entire sheet of metal. This will initiate a reaction (electrochemical) that brings corrosion to an abrupt stop. As you would guess, this method of rustproofing is expensive and can cost up to a thousand dollars.

How Does Rust Proofing Work

What Is the Cost of Rustproofing with Spray?

The cost of rustproofing your vehicle with spray is hinged upon three things; firstly, the product you are using, the merchant service bill, and the type of car you own. Shielding your vehicle from rust is a brilliant idea, but when financial aid seems to be nowhere near sight, you should opt for tar or oil-based spray as they are also effective and less expensive when compared to other methods of protecting your vehicle from rust.

What is the cost of rustproofing with spray

Are There Trusted Rust Proofing Products?

A good spray protection product used widely by car owners is the Krown rust protection. This Canadian product is excellent in preventing and removing rust. If you cannot afford a 600 dollar rustproofing service from a car dealer, this alternative should come in handy. The cost of using Krown spray is as follows. For a vehicle of regular size, the spray cost is about $130. Minivan owners seeking to rustproof their vehicles would spend the sum of $140. For SUVs that are of medium and large size, the cost of krown spray is $140 each. Extra-large pick-up will attract the sum of $150 while two-door pickups will cost $140. Other rustproofing costs are listed below:

Are there trusted rustproofing products

  • 3/4 door pick up – $150
  • Heavy-duty pick-up – $150
  • Full-sized vans – $160

Whatever category your vehicle falls in, always ensure that you are working with a trained technician as you would not want to have delicate areas of your vehicle sprayed. You can also take it up a notch by asking if they offer while or part rustproofing services for vehicles.

Is Krown Spray the Best Rust Proofing Product?

So far, Yes. Based on user experience, most car owners enjoyed using Krown spray as an alternative to the electrical method of rustproofing. Although other products are sitting on the market today that have great rust-proofing potential, Krown is still seen to be taking the lead in the industry’s competition. This is essentially because Krown is known to be consistent in the production of good spray.

Is Krown Spray the Best Rust Proofing Product

Advantages of Rustproofing on Vehicles

Although there has been a debate between car owners and car dealers on the need to rustproof their vehicle after purchase,  looking at the high level of protection that is deployed by manufacturers to ensure that a vehicle needs little or no other protection from rust. While this remains a bone of contention in the industry, the following are the pros of rustproofing your vehicle, whether you feel like it is safe enough or you’re a paranoid user who always wants an extra layer of protection over your property.

Advantages of Rustproofing on Vehicles

  • Durability: The protective layer of coating that you get on your vehicle from rust proofing cannot be easily chipped or broken. This increases the service life of the underlying metal of your vehicle and causes it to radiate for a long period.
  • Independent of Temperature: Rustproofing is not affected by temperature which implies that car owners can choose to allow technicians to rustproof their vehicle at any time of the day. However, the process should be undertaken as soon as the car is purchased to avoid having scratches before spraying.
  • Worth the money: Aside from the fact that rustproofing can be very expensive, there is no doubt that it is worth the amount of money spent. Whether you decide to have your vehicle serviced by your car dealer or you prefer to walk into a third-party shop to rest proof your vehicle, one thing is certain which is you get value for your money.


For every car owner, one idea is always popping up, and that is the thought of giving their vehicle the best possible protection from rust. Even though rust is imminent upon all vehicles, it can be prevented by taking the needed measure. Rustproofing isn’t limited to vehicles alone, it is used by individuals who are concerned with the service life of their farm equipment, plumbing tools, mechanical gadgets, and so on. As much as the need to prevent your vehicle (most importantly) from rust is key, the cost for this service needs to be considered also. We believe that this guide will help you prepare your plans to rustproof your vehicle in the future.

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