Does Zinc Coating Prevent Rust?

Zinc is one of the popular and effective metals for galvanizing against corrosion; therefore, zinc galvanized coatings can prevent rust for longer periods than other types of galvanizing methods. Still, does zinc coating prevent rust?

Yes, Zinc coating prevents rust because it prevents the steel from corroding by acting as a barrier between the metal and the environment. Zinc is applied to iron or steel components of various products in a process known as hot-dip galvanization.

The material is dipped in molten zinc, which coats the steel and offers protection from rust and other elements that cause corrosion.

So, zinc coating, such as galvanizing, provides a very effective first line of defense in preventing rust. Galvanized coatings are easily applied to most metals, including steel and iron. In addition, they are reliable, durable, and economical.

Why Is Zinc Coating Vital To Preventing Rust?

Before proceeding, here are some images of zinc coatings and how beautiful they turned out, which of course ceased rust.

Why Is Zinc Coating Vital To Preventing Rust

Zinc Coating Is Vital Because

  • Zinc, itself, serves as a protection to iron and so it is precise in effect at stopping corrosion due to its corrosive attributes.
  • It also renders the metals’ lifespan durable, in other words, it improves durability.
  • It also helps to outdo discoloration of metal or blemishes.
  • It can be recycled or reused, which is a good choice. It is also less expensive which is a runaway for most people.
  • It can also be referred to as a metallic obstruction that keeps moisture from extending towards the material.

How Long Does Zinc Coating Last?

Zinc coating will take an average of 5 years before it starts wearing off of the metal it is protecting. Although zinc coating is the most common and cheapest next to zinc-cobalt and zinc-nickel alloy, it will provide top protection against corrosion to any underlying metal. This service life of the zinc coating does not account for abnormal use of the finish under conditions that are not palatable. To ensure that your zinc coating stays in good condition throughout its service life, it is recommended that you keep it away from moisture and the marine environment.

How Long Does Zinc Coating Last

How Does Zinc Coating Prevent Rust?

Zinc prevents metals from rusting by acting as a barrier between steel (or any other compatible metal) and oxygen/water (as the case may be) from the surrounding environment.  One other interesting thing about zinc coating is that it can undergo sacrificial protection. If the coating gets scratched, instead of the steel underneath to start decomposing, the zinc reacts first with the air and starts to deteriorate in place of the steel. This is possible because zinc coating is highly reactive than any steel or any other metal, and because of the high reactivity, it breaks down first.

How Does Zinc Coating Prevent Rust

There are two major ways by which zinc protects the steel from rust. Firstly, when zinc coating is applied to the surface of the steel, it does not just separate it from the corrosive environment. It also reacts with that environment to form what is known as a platina layer right on the surface of the steel. This layer will slow down further deterioration, thereby prolonging the life of the steel. You can call this the passive way of protecting steel by zinc coating.

Secondly, zinc coating is very active in humid areas as it can form what is called a local element with iron. This active way of protecting metals is explained above as sacrificial protection from rust. The environment that zinc coating is being exposed to will largely determine whether it will deploy the active or passive protection mode.

Can Zinc Coating be Used Outdoors?

Zinc coating is not sufficient for use outdoors in protecting steel or any other metal, especially in marine areas. If you’re thinking of using zinc coating for underwater use as well, you might want to look for a better alternative. Zinc coating, upon exposure to water and air, will start to corrode at an increased rate whereas the corrosion rate of zinc coating is 1/30 compared to that of steel.

Advantages of Zinc Coating in Protecting Steel from Rust

There are myriads of reasons why zinc is used to preserve the service life of steel. We will be taking a look at a few of those reasons:

Advantages of Zinc Coating in Protecting Steel from Rust

Highly Affordable

Zinc used for coating is very affordable. You don’t have to break the bank to get a durable coating on your steel or iron. Even though there are several other affordable coatings on the market, zinc will remain the best you can find for better delivery.


We are always told not to judge a book by its cover. This same principle applies to zinc coating. Although cheap, zinc is just as durable as other top-tier finishes that you’ll find out there. When you follow the prescribed rules for using zinc coating, it will last a long period of use.


Ever wondered why zinc coating is still being used to coat steel and other ferrous metals? Well, the answer is simple! Zinc coating is very compatible with steel in that it protects the underlying metal from rust via all means possible.


As long as you have metals in possession, rusting of some or most of these iron objects is natural and impossible to avoid but learning and knowing the preventive measures of reducing the number is also compulsory.

Sequel to the aforementioned, does Zinc Coating prevent rust? Yes, no doubt as its vitality has been mentioned earlier. As zinc is more reactive, it is a sacrificial coating on its own.

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