Does Water Make Rust Worse?

Whether you leave a metal tool out in the rain or accidentally drop a favorite pair of earrings in a puddle, it is important to know whether your precious metals are going to be fine after an unexpected soak. Does water make rust worse?

Yes, water makes rust worse. It is because rust is an iron oxide, and for it to be rust, there must be some kind of contact from moisture. The presence of water escalates rusting.

Water actually makes rust worse. Moisture triggers a reaction that causes the metal to rust at an accelerated rate. It is why you will often see cars with rust damage in areas exposed to snow and rain.

In addition, rainwater tends to be more acidic than other water sources and can be quite detrimental to metal. Because dissolved carbon dioxide of the atmosphere forms a weak carbonic acid upon contact with rainwater, this precipitation is typically slightly acidic, which does cause iron and steel to rust faster than it would without the presence of water.

How Can You Remove Rust When It Affects Your Water?

Rust can be a major problem especially when important appliances like water pipes and taps are affected, there are various ways to remove them. Some of these are:

How Can You Remove Rust When It Affects Your Water

  • Using water softeners: An excellent method of removing rust in water is putting some salt solution. This sodium eliminates rust and many other unwanted particles that you can get rid of by filtration.
  • Addition of enchantments: You could also combine some enchantment products with salt to get faster results. You can do this by adding rust removal products in your water to remove rust. These enchantments remove rust and begin instant regeneration.
  • Get a rust filter: You could also consider installing a rust filter in your water taps and openings to remove all dust particles. This ensures that your pipes and water system is entirely rust-free.

How Can You Treat A Water System Affected By Rust?

When the above methods to rid your water system from rust fails, you can manage the situation by

How Can You Treat A Water System Affected By Rust

Changing your entire water system

An ideal solution when your water is affected by rust is replacing your plumbing system. This might be a little expensive, but it will remove all traces of rust in drinking water.

You can choose a PEX plumbing system or a plastic (which is budget-friendly).

Treat your water pH levels

When your water pH level is low, it might contribute to rust in your water. To treat your water pH levels, you can use some neutralizing solutions like calcium and magnesium oxide.

How Can You Keep Your Plumbing Systems From Getting Rust?

Since water in our homes runs on plumbing systems, it is ideal to have the right way to prevent them from rusting. Here are some suggestions:

How Can You Keep Your Plumbing Systems From Getting Rust

  • Adding additives: You can put some additives to prevent rusting from iron. Some suggestions include nickel and chromium which are good for barring irons from corrosion.
  • Paint with Oil: Your iron and steel plumbing system can be coated with the right oil or paint to prevent them from rusting. This can slow rusting especially when they are exposed to water.
  • Don’t expose them to humidity: A recent report from BBC states that cars in hotter climates like the Middle East, last longer and take time to rust. This is because of the dry weather which slows down corrosion. This can be applied to your pipes and plumbing system.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Does rust react with water?

Yes, rust reacts with water and air to form rust. Metals and iron generally form hydrated oxide when they are exposed to moisture. It is important for air and water for rusting to happen.

However, note that aluminum doesn’t corrode when exposed to water because it possesses a thick layer of aluminum oxide.

Can rust get worse without exposure to water?

No, rust can’t get worse without water. Though rusting can still occur without the presence of water (albeit slowly), however, it needs to be exposed to oxygen.

Another interesting part is that iron which is exposed to water will not rust because of some protective layer it possesses.

Can a metal be exposed to water rust quickly?

Yes, when a metal stays prolonged in water, it quickens its rustiness. For a wet metal to rust, it needs iron and water. Also, lack of rain can reduce the pace of rust in metals.

That’s why hotter regions have fewer rust cars than colder regions. Furthermore, rusting takes place during rain and winter seasons rather than dry seasons.

Does saltwater quicken rusting than freshwater?

Yes, saltwater can increase the rusting in metals and steel because it has more dissolved ions than freshwater. This means that electrons in saltwater facilitate rusting easily.

Rusting is caused by the movement of electrons solution in metals.

Can rainwater make rusting worse?

Yes, rain generally quickens rusting in metals. However, note that areas with acid rain will be worse off because acid rains make rust happen faster.

Acid rain makes rust quickens especially if the pH level of the water is below 5.5.

How does humidity cause rust?

Humidity can affect metals when it is under extreme conditions. This can happen when water and oxygen react with electronics on the surface of metals.

If metal components are left exposed in humid conditions, they will rust.


Moisture and other forms of water can make the rusting process worse. Therefore, Does water make rust worse?

Yes, water can make rust worse however it only happens to metal and steel. Aluminum is not affected by the presence of water however, inadequate oxygen can cause corrosion in aluminum.

There are several ideal solutions you can use to remove rust from water, they include additives, vinegar and filters. Moreover, you could coat your metal plumbing system with some products to prevent them from getting rust quickly.

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