Does Tungsten Rust?- Facts & Myths

Tungsten is a challenging and dense metal with a high melting point. It does not react with most inorganic and organic acids or atmospheric moisture. As a result of this, it cannot rust or corrode. But in truth, does tungsten rust?

Unfortunately, tungsten can rust in some circumstances. The reality is that any metal can rust, even though tungsten is pretty durable. The main thing to look out for is how your tungsten ring is made.

Tungsten is a very durable metal and can withstand extreme temperatures. However, due to the high density of tungsten, it is susceptible to corrosion. Unlike most metals, which react with air and water to form rust, tungsten does not react with air and water but will react with acids or halogen gasses such as chlorine or bromine.

So, you must keep Tungsten away from materials that can make it rust. With the information below, you can find more details on this topic.

What Causes Rust & Corrosion in Tungsten?

We have already established that pure tungsten doesn’t rust, however tungsten that experiences corrosion is due to metals which it is mixed with.

Does tungsten rust

Many tungsten aren’t made with pure metals but are alloyed. When a tungsten is alloyed, it means it is combined with numerous metals, which reduces the cost. The downside is that; it reduces the resistance to rust of the tungsten.

To know the causes of rust in tungsten, it will depend on the metals it is alloyed with. Many metals rust due to prolonged exposure to water, oxygen and salt. These metals can also rust when open to air, bad humidity and moisture. The state of metals when they lose their shiny surface and show a different color known as ‘Patina l’ is known as the tarnished.

All metals, except precious stones, are susceptible to oxidation, tarnishing and rust. But some metals have quicker oxidation than others. Those that fall under these categories are titanium, iron, silver, gold, and cobalt.

Which Tungsten Metals Will Oxidize?

Pure tungsten will never corrode except in  rare situations caused by extremely high temperatures. For a pure tungsten to corrode the heating conditions should be high as 750-900 degrees Celsius. Except, in degrees as high as 1,200 degrees Fahrenheit, your tungsten will not experience rust.

Tungsten is a very durable metal because it can stand high heating conditions. However, for a tungsten alloy ring, it will succumb to rust because it has less rust-resistant material. Many people prefer alloy tungsten to pure tungsten because they are cheaper and more appealing to the eyes.

An industrial-level tungsten jewelry will probably be alloyed with cobalt because they combine better. Jewelries of this combination are less expensive but will probably succumb to rust easily.

Furthermore, a jewelry-grade tungsten material might be more expensive and less shunt, but it is high quality. It alloys mostly with nickel because the bind is perfect.

Usually, this combination takes a while before it shows signs of oxidation, tarnishing and rust. If you are a customer that is concerned about rust and corrosion, you will need to get a retailer which deals in pure tungsten jewelry.

How to Prevent Tungsten from Rusting Quickly?

How to Prevent Tungsten from Rusting Quickly

There are some methods you can use to deter your tungsten jewelry from corroding easily. They include :

  • Alloying: It has been mentioned earlier that alloying your tungsten with other metals will prevent rusting quickly. However, don’t just bind with any metal, choose metals that have high resistance to corrosion like brass, zinc and aluminum.
  • Use Oil: Coating your tungsten material with oil helps slow down rusting. This is true because oil prevents moisture from attacking the layer of the tungsten. The only drawback is that an oily tungsten might look unattractive and messy.
  • Using Dry Coating:  You can apply certain rust preventive coats which don’t have residue and can form a thick layer to your tungsten. You can check online for powerful coats which work with tungsten materials.
  • Paint: Painting your tungsten rings and jewelry will reduce the rate of rusting in your material. Painting also slows down drastically water from breaching the surface.
  • Good Storage: Keeping your tungsten materials in a place with good humidity or low-moisture location helps slow down rust. You can also employ the use of desiccant agents, which helps protect metals.
  • Galvanizing Metals:  You can galvanize your tungsten using zinc. Zinc possesses a property which slows down corrosion in metals.
  • Blueing Using blueing means you are creating a skin of magnetite over the tungsten to stop rust and corrosion. Blueing process must be done regularly till the tungsten layer turns to blue or black.
  • Powder Coating: Applying some chemical powders like epoxy and acrylic can’t help stop moisture from reaching your tungsten surface.
  • VCI Inhibitor: You can use Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors on your tungsten to help prevent rust. VCI are effective chemicals which are injected into the tungsten to protect it from rust.

Can I Remove Rust from Tungsten?

Yes, you can remove rust from any of your tungsten jewelry that shows signs of corrosion. You can use the following methods to remove rust from tungsten:

Can I Remove Rust from Tungsten


You can create a vinegar mixture and dip your tungsten jewelry inside for some hours. Remove it, and clean appropriately.

Lemon with salt:

Lemon is another home remedy which can get rid of rust from your tungsten material. Squeeze some lemon juice in a bowl and add about three teaspoons of salt.

Lemon with salt

Then dip your tungsten material inside for 40 minutes and remove. Get a brush to scrub the rusted surface till all the rust is removed.


Potatoes work effectively in removing rust from tungsten materials. Remove the potato skins and use them to scrub the rust surface of the tungsten, it works pretty well.

 Chemical Products:

There are some chemical lubricants you can buy online that remove rust from tungsten easily. WD-40 and lime-a-away remain good options you can consider when finding a good rust-removal lubricant.


Tungsten remains a good metal which is used to make jewelry and other decorations. So does tungsten rust? This depends on the type of tungsten you are talking about.

While pure tungsten rarely corrodes, other tungsten alloys and grades are susceptible to rust under prolonged exposure to water, air and salt.

You can protect your tungsten jewelries from rust by using some rust-preventive solutions like blueing, galvanizing, alloying and coating.

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