Does Lime Away Remove Rust?

We all have that one spot at home (or multiple spots) where we see an ugly rust stain on the tile, in the tub or on the toilet and wonder how to remove it. Rust stains are very difficult to remove, and you can use lime. But does lime away remove rust?

Yes, lime away can remove rust and rid other surfaces of stains. Lime-away or Lime-A-Way is a chemical product that is used to clean metals, steels, concrete, and other surfaces it comes in contact with.

Lime Away removes even the most stubborn rust stains. It effectively cuts through rust on stainless steel and porcelain easily. It also has a strong acid that helps remove rust from glass, concrete, and fabrics. The active agent in Lime Away is phosphoric acid.

Also, Lime Away is a powerful industrial strength acid, so it must be used safely and carefully. This product can remove rust when left on the metal for long periods of time, but it is not the most effective or safest way to do so.

To find out more about the usefulness of line away and how it helps to remove and prevent rust, you should read further.

What is Lime Way?

Lime away is a good chemical remedy to remove stains and rust as quickly as possible. This can be useful when cleaning non-porous surfaces like bathrooms, water systems and sinks without scrubbing.

What is Lime Way

Lime-A-Way can be seen in three packs and contains about 15 ounces. Depending on how severe the rust is, lime away can start working around 1 to three minutes. If you have any tough stains which include lime, rust or strong deposits, lime away will do a good job.

It is important to avoid using Lime-A-Way for cleaning kitchens or dishwashers.

Benefits Of Using Lime Away For Rust Removal

While there are other alternatives to rust removals like Potato, Coke and lemon, they might take time. If you want a quicker method to remove stains and rust, using a chemical product like lime away might be ideal.

Benefits Of Using Lime Away For Rust Removal

Here are some reasons why using Lime-A-Way is recommended

  • Fast Rust removal: Lime away unlike other rust removal products works very fast. Asides remove corrosive surfaces and rust, it helps rid stains which many find difficult to clean.
  • Affordable: This rust removal is a cheaper and better option than its other rust removal substitutes like CLR, FILA Deterdek, Viakal Limescale rust removal amongst others. If you are on a tight budget, it comes highly recommended.
  • A perfect solution to clean smooth surfaces: When considering cleaning rust on surfaces like sinks, pipers, Windows and Water systems, lime away can do a good job.
  • Nice Smell: Many chemical rust treatments leave a foul Odor after cleaning calcium rust and stains. However, this isn’t the case with Lime-A-Way because it leaves behind a pleasant smell after removing rust completely.

Surfaces Lime Away Can’t Be Used On

While lime away does a good job in getting rid of calcium rust and stains, don’t use them on:

  • Coloured material: Lime away isn’t ideal on coloured surfaces because of the chemical ingredients it is made up of. If you apply lime away to remove rust on coloured surfaces, it will change the colors to reddish-brown which might not appeal to many.
  • Kitchen items: Refrain from using Lime-A-Way rust removal in kitchens or any place where you prepare meals. This is to avoid the injection of residue chemicals.

Don’t also use lime away to clean dishwashers, blenders or inside of the oven.

Recommended Rust Removers Asides From Lime Away

There are some natural and chemical options to remove rust, the final decision depends on your taste, budget and the surfaces you want to clean, here are some good options to remove rust:

Recommended Rust Removers Asides From Lime Away


Using white vinegar to remove rust has been on for decades, however, many might not be aware. The calcium rust in surfaces reacts with white vinegar and dissolves after some minutes.

To use this rust removal option, soak your rusty appliance in the Vinegar solution for some hours to get excellent results.


However, for large items, you could pour the vinegar on the object and wait for some time. Some use a cloth soaked in vinegar to clean rust from objects, however, wash well after use.

Lemon or Lime

Using lemon (and salt) is another good option to remove rust from your steel surfaces. You can do this by sprinkling salt around the rusted area, then squeezing lime juice on the surface.

Lemon or Lime

You will have to give it two to five hours to see changes. When you notice these changes, scrub gently. You could use the lemon skin to scrub the rusted area instead of metal sponges.

Baking Soda

Baking soda solution is another great option when you want to clean rust. Mix the baking soda with water and create a thick cream that you can spread over the rusted metal.

Baking Soda

Give it two to three hours, you can then use a toothbrush to scrub gently. After scrubbing the rusted area, wash with clean water.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Can lime away clean bathroom doors?

Yes, Lime away rust removal can remove rust from bathroom doors. If lime gets in contact with sinks, times or shower doors it will eliminate them quickly.

The ingredients in lime away known as sulfamic acid can remove tough water build-up and limescale acidic elements.

Is Lime away hazardous?

Yes, it can be toxic and dangerous when ingested or when left on the skin for long. That is why it is advised you wear gloves when applying lime away rust removal and wash immediately after use.

Lime away can cause skin irritations and eye problems.

How long does it take before lime away starts working on surfaces?

The duration it takes to start working depends on the surfaces you apply them on. For strong rusted surfaces, you should leave for around 2 to three minutes before washing and wiping.

However, if the rusted surface isn’t heavy, it should start working within 30 seconds to a minute.

Can Lime away remove rust?

Yes, lime away is a good tool to remove rust from steel and concrete. However, you need to apply the lime solution as instructed to get a good result. Tough surfaces that rust will be cleaned within seconds.


Does lime away remove rust? Yes, lime away rust removal can remove rust and other tough stains. Its active ingredient is sulfamic acid which reacts positively to stains and calcium rust.

Lime away is a faster rust removal alternative to natural rust treatments like Potato, Coke and lemon.

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