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When buying a Jeep, you are probably wondering about a Jeep rust warranty. Rust can occur on any part of your jeep irrespective of what you use the jeep for. Most manufacturers of the jeep ensure they deliver the best. While they give a warranty for their jeep, does the jeep have a rust warranty?

Yes, Jeep has a warranty, but not all of them come with one. Therefore, if you are buying a jeep, you need to check and ensure your jeep has a warranty covering. Also, regarding the rust warranty, it is expected to fall under the jeep’s general warranty.

Concerning this, you need to ask your dealer to be sure. If it does not have a rust warranty, you might have to request one or opt for another product. However, most jeeps come with quality parts coated with rust proof paint to ensure rust formation does not occur.

Sometimes, the paint falls off over time, and then rust can easily set in due to the parts being exposed to water and air. You should do all it takes to prevent rust and always check to see if your warranty is still active or not. You can find more information below.

Jeep Rust Warranty Plan

Though a lesser-known warranty plan, all jeeps models come with corrosion and rust warranty plans. The warranty plan is two fold: the first option covers all the panels on the jeep for three years with unlimited mileage while the other option covers the outer panels alone for five years and unlimited mileage. Also, these warranty plans cover the cost of labor, repair, or replacement of any plan due to rust.

Does Jeep Have a Rust Warranty

Jeep Rust Warranty Exclusion

Jeep rust warranty covers the cost of labor, repair, or replacement. Nevertheless, the warranty plans come with a restriction. Highlighted below are some of the restrictions of the jeep rust warranty plan.

Jeep Rust Warranty Exclusion

  • Visit authorized jeep dealer: If you notice any rust on your jeep within the first three or five years of purchase, you must visit an authorized jeep dealer before you can claim the warranty. Jeep will not pay for any cost you incur if you take the car to an unauthorized agent for repair.
  • Original parts: In a situation where you have changed any part of the Jeep’s panel and rust occurs on such part, you will not be able to claim a jeep rust warranty as it only covers original body parts that come with the jeep when you newly buy it.
  • Proper maintenance: The fact that you can claim a jeep rust warranty when rust occurs on your jeep doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take proper care of the jeep. If rust should occur on your jeep due to lack of maintenance, the jeep might deny you the warranty claim. Proper maintenance of the jeep is your responsibility as a car owner.
  • Application of rustproofing products: In a bid to protect your jeep against rust, you might have applied any of the rustproofing products to your vehicle. If rust should occur on such jeep after the application of rustproofing product, you could be denied the jeep rust warranty claim.
  • A limited number of years: Just like other jeep’s warranty. The rust warranty claim only covers the jeep against rust within the first three or five years of in-service, depending on the location of the rust.
  • Odometer: Though the Jeep rust warranty covers unlimited mileage, you can, however, be denied jeep’s warranty if you have tampered with the odometer.
  • Off-road: If you cruise the jeep off-road frequently and rust occurs underneath or on any part of the jeep, the rust warranty claim could be denied because the warranty claim only covers poor materials on the jeep.

What Can I Do when Jeep Rust Warranty Expires?

Jeep rust warranty is not forever, it terminates after three or five years, depending on the part of the jeep’s body where rust occurs. You can, however, protect your jeep against potential future rust by purchasing the jeep extended warranty. This extended warranty plan will cover your jeep for the next eight years if rust should occur. The jeep extended warranty comes in two options: maximum care or added care plus. The maximum care covers over five thousand components of the jeep for eight years while added care plus covers 800 components of the jeep.

You can only be eligible for a jeep extended warranty when you purchase the plan within the first four years of its in-service date and less than forty-eight thousand miles. Furthermore, the expiration of the warranty does not mean you should condemn the jeep rust. You should take proper care of the jeep.

Preventing Rust on Jeep

The jeep warranty covers for rust but you could be denied the warranty claim if you do not maintain the jeep properly. Also, the jeep rust warranty will only cover the vehicle for a limited number of years after which you will bear the burden of rust on the vehicle. Nevertheless, here is a list of some of the things you can do to prevent rust on your jeep.

Preventing Rust on Jeep

  • Wash regularly: You can drive the jeep on different terrains and get home without the vehicle breaking down. Make it a point to regularly wash the jeep with special attention to the undercarriage of the jeep.
  • Paint the undercarriage: The rust warranty covers the undercarriage for three years and you might be denied the warranty if you paint it before the expiration of the rust warranty. You can, however, paint the undercarriage after the expiration of the rust warranty to protect it against rust.
  • Check regularly: You can check the outer panels of the jeep regularly for rust and take appropriate measures to stop and prevent further spread of the rust. Also, you should ask your mechanic to check the undercarriage for any rust when you take the jeep for servicing.


The right to jeep rust warranty does not mean you should neglect the vehicle. You should make it a point to properly maintain the car and prevent it from rusting.

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