6 Best Rust Reformers (For Ultimate Surface Protection)

Is rust building on your household surfaces or your home metal parts? A rust reformer will prevent rust from eating up the surface for a longer life.

It takes oxidation to ease corrosion by providing new surface protection. The best part is you can apply the reformer yourself.

Ensure you use a reformer when you notice rust patches to reduce cases of deterioration. Let’s check the best rust reformers for protection from future corrosion. Keep reading.

Quick Glance: Best Rust Reformers

# Rust Reformer Best feature 
1 Rust-Oleum Reformer Fast drying 
2 POR-15 Metal Rust Neutralizer Non-toxic 
3 Jenolite Rust Converter Durable 
4 Rust-Oleum Reform and Seal 2-in-1 
5 Xionlab Rust Converter Damp surfaces
6 FDC Rust Converter Multi-use 

Best Rust Reformers: Our Top 6 Picks 

1. Best Overall: Rust-Oleum Reformer

The oil-based rust reformer creates a bond with the surface for effortless painting, and it will take 20 to 30 minutes to dry, with curing taking place within 24 hours.

One package can cover up to 10 square feet, leaving a paintable surface. It uses enamel oil to ensure your surface looks great.

It uses any angle spray technology where you can stay in any direction, even upside down. Ensure you clean and degrease the surface before application for excellent results.

The reformer doesn’t require excess brushing to remove the oxidized metal; the unique formula bonds will keep it longer.

2. Best Non-toxic: POR-15 Metal Rust Neutralizer

The excellent rust reformer is a water-based formula that is non-toxic and safe to use without leaving harmful residues. It’s best to use it at temperatures above 70 degrees for effectiveness.

For the best results, remove the flaking and loose rust on the surface and ensure the surface is free from oil for perfect adhesion.

You can use it to coat any metal surface with rust. It’s easy to use and creates a lovely pattern on the surface of any bare metal.

It works well on stainless steel surfaces, creating a zinc phosphate bonding for chemical coating on the surface. Apply a brush, spray, or roller by dipping it in the solution.

3. Best Long-Lasting: Jenolite Rust Converter

You will love this fast-acting rust converter for your metal surfaces that reacts with the rust to form a stable compound in 15 minutes or less.

It’s ready to paint, and you won’t have struggles mixing it with a solvent or primer. It offers long-lasting protection on the surface since it resists oxygen, carbon dioxide, and water vapor.

It also prevents bacterial growth on the surface for a longer life. You won’t need to rinse it off after application; leave it to dry. You can leave it black or repaint it with oil or water-based paint.

4. Best 2 in 1: Rust-Oleum Reform and Seal

It’s another fantastic product from Rust-Oleum that ensures your surface has a splendid look. It seals and protects the surface from moisture and corrosion.

The rubberized flexible coating gives your rusty material a superior chemical that’s abrasion resistant. It dries in one to two hours and can cover up to 175 square feet with rust protection.

Use a roller or brush to apply. Plus, the spray prevents future rust issues, even in winter. The protective coating has no shine or flat finish.

5. Best for Damp Surfaces: Xionlab Rust Converter

It’s the only rust reformer that works for damp surfaces and will save you time. It removes rust and covers metal surfaces with phosphate without heavy scrapping and sandblasting.

It covers a large area where a gallon serves up to 1000 square feet to help you protect a metal surface against corrosion. Dilute it with 20% water and use a spray gun and the step to step guide for application.

It accepts all top coatings from oil-based, enamels, water base, and other preference coatings. You can skip the top coat since the reformer strength will serve the metal.

6. Best Multi-Use: FDC Rust Converter

The reformer offers the ultimate surface protection and reforms the most challenging corrosion caused by different weather conditions. It makes an inner coating seal to block moisture and further rust.

You don’t need to sandblast, scrap, or grind the surface after applying, saving time and energy. A gallon covers up to 500 square feet of the non-porous surface.

You can use it for automobiles, railings, marine applications, and other places that accumulate rust. You don’t require thinning before applying. A second coat will give the best transformation.

Final Thoughts

If you notice rust building up on surfaces around you or your machinery, you should use a rust reformer to prevent further corrosion, which can be expensive. Some rusting areas require paint after reforming, while others will work fine with the reformer.

Remember to prepare the surface for application by removing the protruding rusting chips for an effortless job. Additionally, ensure you go for a rust reformer that suits your budget.

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