5 Best Rust Converters for Metal 2023

If you’ve ever dealt with years of corrosion and rust on metal items, you know how difficult it can be to eliminate. It’s easy to dismiss rust as a harmless part of everyday living, but it’s impossible to stop once it starts.

Rust can physically eat away at the metal, causing holes and ruining the look of various equipment and parts over time.

When rust occurs, it’s not simple to remove it. It’s important to note that there are countermeasures, such as rust converters, which “convert” the rust into a new surface-protecting substance and can also be used to prevent further rust and corrosion.

Keep reading to find out some of the best rust converters available.

Quick Overview: Best Rust Converter for Metal

Rust Converter Best Feature
1. Corroseal Metal Primer Rust Converter Quality
2. Xion Lab Rust Converter Value
3. FDC Ultra Rust Converter Primer Coating
4. Black Star MRO Rust Converter Rust Sealer
5. Eastwood Protection Primer Rust Converter Durable

Best Rust Converter for Metal: Our Top 5 Picks

1. Best Quality: Corroseal Metal Primer Rust Converter

Corroseal rust converter is an excellent, industrial-strength solution that solves all marine, residential, automobile, and industrial rust issues.

It transforms rust into a stable magnetite material through an ingenious chemical conversion process. In addition, it primes the surface using a high-quality latex metal primer. Corroseal is superior to sandblasting since it’s cheaper, less time-consuming, and more effective.

Corroseal reduces the need for sandblasting. It is the greatest rust treatment and corrosion management choice since it simultaneously converts rust and primes the metal surface, addressing all metallic surface preparation requirements.

2. Best Value: Xion Lab Rust Converter 

The rusty metal primer turns damp corroded metal surfaces into phosphate to prevent further rusting without extensive scraping or sandblasting.

Using the rust neutralizer, you can prevent additional corrosion on the metallic surface over an area of up to 1000 sq ft each gallon and 125 sq ft every pint.

This rust converter needs a little effort since it can be diluted with just 20% water and applied to rusted metal surfaces using a spray gun.

The heavy-duty rust treatment and primer are used with or without a topcoat, so you can choose to either save money by not purchasing one or to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

The water-based solution ensures your instruments get clean without soap or harsh chemicals. 

In addition, the commercial-grade corrosion converter is impervious to ultraviolet light. Hydrogen sulfide is nonflammable and has less than 1% volatile organic compounds, zero lead, and zero greasy solvents or resins.

3. Best Primer Coating: FDC Ultra Rust Converter

The rust converter eliminates the need for tedious treatments like grinding, sandblasting, or scraping by immediately converting the rust into a sturdy protective barrier will impede the spread of more rust and guard against further corrosion.

One gallon is sufficient to cover an area of 500 square feet on a smooth and nonporous surface. You can put it to use in vehicles, machines, railings, buildings, equipment, ships, and more.

It is easy to apply and has an excellent primer coating for oil-based paints. It converts rust into a material that acts as a primer for metal. This solution has a consistency comparable to milk, making it simple to apply with a paintbrush.

4. Best Rust Sealer: Black Star MRO Rust Converter

There will be no more rubbing, scraping, etching, or sanding. Instead of rust, the cutting-edge innovation turns it into a sleek polymer resin covering. The rust converter is a special anti-rust treatment that prevents more rust from developing.

Applying the rust converter prevents the rust from ever reoxidizing by sealing it in a polymer resin that turns it into a gorgeous black color, making it hard, brittle, and corrosion-resistant.

Its applications range from oil rigs to agricultural machinery. Rust has no chance against everything from fences and metal roofs to bridges and sea operations, steel sheds and grain bins, automobiles, trailers,  trucks, and tools.

It’s not easy to cover up the rust with paint, which won’t prevent further rusting of your metal. In addition to its rust-preventing and rust-converting properties, Black Star is an excellent primer for painting metal to a brilliant, even finish.

5. Best Durable: Eastwood Protection Primer Rust Converter

The Eastwood rust converter quickly transforms any remaining surface rust into a sturdy black primer. With only one application from the spray can, it transforms the iron oxide into a coated, stable metal surface that is primed and ready for paint.

Use the Eastwood to permanently seal the rust on the metal parts of your automobile, truck, tractor, or barn find’s chassis. Following application, just paint over the black primed surface with oil or water-based paint; no scraping, sanding, or grinding is necessary.

When working with this product, you must always use protective eyewear, clothing, and masks. The container also includes a description of the product’s safety features.

Final Thoughts

When dealing with severely rusted metal, rust converters are the best alternative. A respirator mask and curing time are necessary when applying a rust converter containing the chemical phosphoric acid.  

You should know that rust converters can only operate if rust is present since this triggers the product’s ingredients to transform the rust into iron phosphate.

Get one of these rust converters to make your old rusty metal parts look new.

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